Prophecy of bRo

With the massive amount of content released it has been a challenge to find the time to update the website … anyways…

Before the expansion release we did some guild events with our guildies as it has been sometime since we have done one. We had two different races as well as some trivia! You’re all winners in my book … except  the ones that lost, not you.


That’s a lot of meat …

The last 3 standing from the level 1 Battle Royal

The winners of the Velk’s Lab “Dis-knee” on ice

< M E S S > entered into the next expansion Prophecy of Ro and made short work of the trials needed to enter Deathknell.

Thankfully, we were able to come out on-top  of the challenging content like the yard trash in Theater of Blood. It’s a raid wiper!

Thanks for keeping it fun < M E S S > /bow

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