The Lost Dungeons Approach ..

With the upcoming TLP expansion Lost Dungeons of Norrath coming out this week <M E S S> decided to do some fun events to wrap up the end of Planes of Power. and Legacy of Ykesha.

Initially we began things with a bracketed battle of the best , 5 vs 5 tournament that quickly became less entertaining than listening to solutions to Disnewb’s Internet ..

I don’t know why they didn’t launch a PVP TLP with such exhilarating game play..

Then it was time to race. We took a new route this time racing from the Gukta starting zone in Rathe Mountains to Splitpaw in South Karana.

Thanks to some level 30 bard solo experiencing in Lake Rathetear at the gnolls .. huh? There were less deaths then expected.

Nonetheless the a fun time had by all, congrats to the winners and we will see you in the dungeons!

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