Time’s Up!

<M E S S> entered into Planes of Power with a desire to use their magic and their melee skills to take out their foes.

Making a scrap pile in Plane of Innovation

Killing broads to wake from a nightmare!

Fire crotch in a pig pen

Just destroying M  M

Look at dem cheeks

Then came the GODS! All aboard the <M E S S> train!!!


Under the sea~

I cannnn feeeelll it coming in the airrrr tonight ……


Oh Lorddddddd



This guild is on fireeeeeeeeeeeeee!

One at a TIME now…..

Lots of bosses to clear in time now, clinch them cheeks!

Fast, efficient, no overtime needed here. Great job again <M E S S>. A great effort working together as a team … nope a family to get done what we needed to get done.

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