My apologizes to our massive fan base that has been eagerly awaiting a website update. Our website developers have been hard at work coding for a new project … uhhh ummmm .. nevermind, I was lazy. Sorry!

<MESS> is still alive and well on the Mangler server and continuing to have fun along the way. We are into content that the majority of our guild has not seen. Some good stuff, some bad but at least we have each other … and Roamer.

During The Serpent Spine expansion we saw some pretty colours (it is spelt correctly hire an American to make the posts if you don’t like it!)

Froze on a throne …

Warmed ourselves up ..

Then laid down for a nap ..

We then hung around for a few months waiting for some new content. Some friends left, new ones joined but they always come back … right Cailia?

He is definitely “in the pit”

Once The Buried Sea was released we enjoyed our group trials? Maybe? Kinda? No? Alright. Either way we made our way into Solteris, the Throne of Ro.

 It provided some decent challenges but no match for <MESS> getting it done in just over 3 hours.

 Byun was so proud he didn’t tell us to “Shut up” or say “Ok, ok, ok” once.

Great job <MESS> on server first guild “Multiple members that have 3 nipples, enjoy uncrustables, have fantasies about having 4 arms and a spreadsheet on who is circumcised.” clear of Solteris!

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