Welcome to Velious!

After Kunark ran its course and the Scars of Velious release approached on Mangler, the anticipation grew strong within the guilds champions.
Therefore, in true <M E S S> fashion the “Battle of the Best” arena was revisited. Congrats to all the victors!

For a full recap and highlights of the evenings events please feel free to visit Zevron’s (aka Xavron) twitch to watch some intense battles.  https://www.twitch.tv/videos/473401952

Once Velious was released <M E S S> was off to the races. There were armor upgrades to get and many dragons and giants to slay! Looking fancy as always Roamaar.

Before a week had past the guild had been able to clear all content with the exception of Sleeper’s Tomb. We shall see you soon.

No wipes, no stress, no problem.
The <M E S S> way

A “Little” snack

Dead giants!


Dead dragons!

Another great start to an expansion!
Many laughs, loots and frozen boots to come.

“Velious Champion” out~

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