Gates of “Diss”cord

<M E S S> apologizes for the delay in updating our website. We hope everyone has been keeping safe and enjoying those endless hours of EQ during these unusual circumstances


For the first time as a guild <M E S S> ventured into new content together entering the Gates of Discord. It was time to put our game faces on.

With our new content brought the new class of Berserker. With that we were graced with the Halasian Princess

And this doofus ….

And others just didn’t make the cut ….

Right Jeszi?


Anywho, we ventured into new lands in search of a challenge and loot.

No… not that guy ….

Yes, yes that’s more like it! <M E S S> was able to clear out the Gates of Discord content in under 9 hours total raiding hours. Enjoyable and efficient as always, a pleasure.

<M E S S> and the Sugar Shadowknight Crew will see you in Omens of War!

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