Time’s Up!

<M E S S> entered into Planes of Power with a desire to use their magic and their melee skills to take out their foes.

Making a scrap pile in Plane of Innovation

Killing broads to wake from a nightmare!

Fire crotch in a pig pen

Just destroying M  M

Look at dem cheeks

Then came the GODS! All aboard the <M E S S> train!!!


Under the sea~

I cannnn feeeelll it coming in the airrrr tonight ……


Oh Lorddddddd



This guild is on fireeeeeeeeeeeeee!

One at a TIME now…..

Lots of bosses to clear in time now, clinch them cheeks!

Fast, efficient, no overtime needed here. Great job again <M E S S>. A great effort working together as a team … nope a family to get done what we needed to get done.

One Small Step for M E S S!

With the highly anticipated release of Luclin <M E S S> did not disappoint with their dedication to getting keys done quickly.

Long shard camps and sleepless nights were had by all. However, we were able to take out Emperor Ssraeshza thanks to the strong dedication and assistance our great guild provides each other.

R.I.P Emp – Nov. 24/2019

After ensuring our guild had enough orbs and planar rifts to accomidate the large majority of our raiding force. We were off to Vex Thal.

Our strong clear minded leadership only assisted in the effort.

And with great sacrifice…..


Comes great reward! Well done <M E S S>. The best group of elite misfits to ever be assembled.

Me too Strat … me too…

End of Velious Shenanigans

With Velious coming to a close we had a few fun events planned for the great job done by <M E S S> during this expansion.

We started with an ice skating competition inside Yelinak’s lair. Here’s a picture of all the winners after receiving their fat Krono rewards.

Then we were “off to the races” doing a new race from Halas raft to the first Ice Giant door within Permafrost. A true hilarious run and with a lot of deaths and dedication we had some folks finally make it in.

Another fun expansion with a great group of people. Looking forward to Luclin and cleaning out the moon!