“Oh Man!”s of War

With the release of Omens of War on the Mangler TLP server <MESS> changed their focus to triple splitting content … oh wait. We didn’t do that? We just completed the content as efficient as possible?

What are we doing here!?

We completed our trials in MPG

Farmed our signets to be able to enter Anguish

Quick someone get WAP emergency squad! This kitty on fire!

Bested our foes to gain entry to the throne

Finally it was time for us to pull our heads out of our butts … others butts?

Anyways, took down Overlord Mata Muram in typical <MESS> timely fashion.

Great work <M E S S> and don’t worry someday we will work on splitting all those raids to ensure we really find out who the best “raiding multisplit guil…”



        “Shouldn’t of been standin’ there!” – Roamaar 2020

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