Deh’Gones of Norrath

Dragon’s of Norrath was released on the Mangler server this past month

<M E S S> members were quick to put their differences aside to ensure our focus was as sharp as our Steel … weapons I mean not the old man.

With friendships renewed it was time to focus our attention on continuing our efforts to clear content quickly and quietly.

From the frozen peaks …

Slidin between the cheeks …

Past the waving banners …

Keeping that efficient swagger …

Another expansion completed with a bunch of familiar faces.

Well done <M E S S>.

Interested in joining our ranks? Please feel free to visit our forums / recruitment section and fill out an application. If you have any questions please reach out in game to: Steel, Byun, Disnewb, Zevron, Jeszi or Snah

Also, check out our discord:

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